Givens Buoy Life Raft: Designed by NASA

In its publication Spinoff 2009, NASA details the partnership with Givens Marine Survival Company in creating the life raft used to save astronauts who land at sea. NASA and Givens were both developing a ballast chamber that would right eh raft in the most extreme conditions. Givens was given an exclusive license for the patented system.

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US Coast Guard: Givens Life Raft is Superior Quality

In a letter to Givens Marine Survival Company, the United States Coast Guard details their findings that the Givens Buoy Life Raft is a superior quality raft, which best meets the requirements of their flight crews for survival situations.

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'The Mercedes of Life Rafts is the Givens'

After a tragedy in Florida, the independent boating website recommends the ultimate safety of a Givens Life Raft.

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Four Men Survive Hurricane Allen in a Givens Buoy Raft

Four experienced offshore sailors were delivering a 30-ton sailing ketch to the Bahamas from Florida. Hurricane Allen caught them off guard, pounding the ketch with 35 foot seas and steadily increasing winds. The boat struggled in the breaking swells, and finally gave up its fight. The crew abandoned ship into their Givens Buoy Raft, which had been damaged while deploying. Once inside the raft, the stabilization system kept the raft upright despite wind gusts of 190 knots (documented by the rescuing vessel) and breaking swells of 35 feet.

The survivors' account that the raft was at times buried under 8 feet of water by waves breaking on them from all sides, but the raft never capsized. Even when heeled to 110 degrees from horizontal by the incredible sea forces and all four occupants thrown against the canopy, the raft always re-righted itself.

Ten minutes after entering their Givens Raft, silence befell the survivors - the seas calmed and the winds subsided to a light breeze. From the door of the raft, the men saw stars at the top of a massive cylinder of clouds. They had entered the eye of the hurricane! Their respite was soon to end however, as the back side of the storm rapidly approached. Again within the eye wall of the hurricane - the most intense part of the storm - the Givens raft rode enormous swells and continued to protect the survivors from the incredible winds and driving spray.

48 hours after they entered their raft, the four were sighted by a Norweigan tanker, which had also been through the storm. The crew of the ship were completely amazed that the four sailors had survived the storm at all, let alone in an inflatable life raft.


Givens Buoy Life Raft – Proven Safety and Stability for Feadships

Amway Company, owners of the Enterprise V, chose the Givens Buoy Liferaft for its company yacht because of its proven safety and stability. The patented Givens hemispherical stabilization system has a larger volume compared to the new competitor's raft with limited ballast bags, which makes it the most stable life raft available. Due to their inferiority the competitor's rafts were removed from Enterprise V and replaced with Givens Buoy Liferafts.

Amway’s vessel was already outfitted with new life rafts from another life raft manufacturer. After reviewing the overwhelming advantages of the Givens Buoy Liferaft, Amway concluded that it must replace its rafts with Givens Buoy Life Rafts. Six Givens Deluxe rafts were sold to Amway for immediate outfitting on the Enterprise V. The company and crew of the Enterprise V are very satisfied with their new Givens Buoy Liferafts and we look forward to orders for outfitting their four other vessels.

Practical Sailor: 'Givens Buoy Life Raft Our Top Choice'

According to Practical Sailor Magazine, "A life raft should be able to withstand tumultuous seas and rotten weather. It should keep you afloat and protected, even in conditions that have sunk your boat — an impressive task for less than a hundred pounds of fabric and synthetic rubber."

After in-depth testing, they made Givens their Top Choice.
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University of Alaska Recommends Givens Buoy Life Rafts

In a letter to Givens Marine Survival Company, the unviersity of Alaska reports that "in 100% of the demonstrations we were able to overturn every raft demonstrated except the Givens raft. These other rafts could be upset by one man boarding the raft or any combination of men assuming any variety of positions within the raft."

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