Click the illustration above to see the unique features of the Givens Buoy Life Raft.
Our premium-quality life raft is the safest place
to be when there's an emergency at sea.

The Givens Buoy Life Raft has been tested by both the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy, every time proving itself as the most stable life raft available. The Givens Buoy Life Raft will automatically re-right itself in breaking waves. And its insulated lining will help shield the survivors from the the effects of the elements, such as hypothermia.

With this amazing life saving technology, the Givens Buoy Life Raft will not capsize, even under the incredible stresses of hurricane force winds and 35 foot seas. In fact, it's the only life raft to have brought survivors through the eye of a hurricane and back — 190 knot winds and 35 foot seas could not capsize the Givens Buoy Life Raft. Click here to read the survivors' accounts from Hurricane Allen.

The Givens Buoy Raft is Hydro-dynamically Stabilized, Not Lightly Ballasted as Other Rafts
Illustrations below show the underwater stabilization process as follows:

1. Water rapidly enters the first stage, "toroid", through portholes as inflation chambers force panels apart lending almost immediate stability to the raft. Importantly, this process is faster in rough seas. Simultaneously, stainless steel cables assist in deployment of the main ballast chambers as water enters the "one-way flapper valve" through which it cannot escape.

2. When the dual-stabilizer chambers are fully deployed, the raft effectively becomes part of and moves with the sea; it can be towed and rowed even when fully ballasted. This has been done in actual survival situations.

3. The stabilization system compensates for changes in wave angle and weight shift. Because it is water in water, the Givens Buoy Stability System is virtually weightless, acting on the principles of resistance and capillary integrity. Only the fabric stability chamber itself moves through and around the water. For this reason, stress on the life raft is minimized and likelihood of capsize is practically eliminated.